Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Oh yeah, I forgot that I got tagged. I have to name six weird things about myself then tag six people and they have to do the same. So here we go...are you ready....

6. I love sweet tea, but I secretly drink it with no sugar or sugar substitutes & I love it that way. I have to secretly do it because I live in the South and it's kind of against the rules. lol

5. I'm always terrified that when I mail a client's package, the mail carrier won't deliver it because there isn't enough postage and request the recipient to pay for the remainder amount.

4. I absolutely love peanut butter and syrup sandwiches! mmmmmmm

3. I hate it when my boys rub my ear lobe for comfort. I rub my ear lobe for comfort. lol

2. A wet bathroom sink makes me nauseated.

1. My toothbrush CANNOT touch anyone else's!!!

Now I tag...Jaxy! Yep! un huh!, Margie, Deeya, Beth V, Ann, and Jaxy's Mum! Woo hooo! Have fun!

I Spy

Okay, you've already read how Jaxy made me feel guilty. So I made sure that I went ahead and made my daily post for today. This photo is officially for today's post. Now that I know that he's been creeping into my house he's been hanging in here on a regular basis. I felt bad because it's really cold in the garage. Anyway, I thought this was cute. He's still afraid of me and tries to stay out of the way.

Cat Calls

Okay, Jaxy made me feel totally guilty about not taking the time to post my photos for yesterday. I in turned made her feel guilty about not noticing that I made wonderful comments about her new website! So we're even. But yet, I still have no friends!!! hahahahaha

Anyway, I've never mentioned it (because I don't like it), but we have a cat. A white cat at that! (ooo that rhymed..heehee) Anyway, hubby went to Autozone one day a few months back to buy a part for his truck. He came back with two items, the part and the kitten. I agreed to keeping it, but only if it lived in the garage (an enclosed garage, not an open Well, they've been sneaking it in the house and letting him in and trying not to let me know it. I knew something was up because I keep finding white hair in my brush and I KNOW I don't have that many grey hairs!!!!! lol lol Anyway, this is our Tiger. DD also thought that since I know about him being inside the house and she brushing him with my hair brush, that it would be okay to paint her face up like a cat. lol lol

Monday, January 29, 2007

Bare Escentuals

Wow! To find out that I have no friends was quite devastating for me today. It caused me to want to put more and more make-up on in hopes that I would attract friends. It didn't work. lol lol But here is my shot for the day. It is the Bare Escentuals skin rev-er upper, the facial cleanser and the on the go compact. No, I'm not trying to promote their stuff so I can be on their infomercial. lol I just really like it. And until something new and improved comes along, this is what I'll be using for a while. :-)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Swirl, Tap, Buff

As I was applying my make up today I thought it would make a good subject for my 30 Day Challenge. I love this stuff. It's perfect for me since I don't like the feel of make-up when I do actually wear make-up. lol

I'm Up Late

Okay, so technically, this didn't make it for Saturday. I DID take the pic on Saturday, but did not get to post it. Anyway, I had to stay up late to get some things done. Hubby said he'd stay up to help. This is him helping...I didn't realize that playing cyber pool would be helping. Guess I need to communicate better! lol lol lol lol lol

Friday, January 26, 2007

Went to the park today

We went to a different park today. This one normally has lots of mallards and geese and what not. So we always save our loaf of bread's ends (no one likes to eat them in my house. lol) so that we can feed them to the ducks. Today, there were only about 4 ducks there. I have never been to that park and didn't encounter twenty or more following us around for more food. Usually, even though it's winter, they stay around because ppl are always feeding them and they don't have to worry about a short supply of food. The kids were a little disappointed especially since the ducks that were there were not interested in our bread. Maybe they stopped liking the bread ends too! lol

Anyway, got a couple of shots. My phone kept ringing while I was there so I didn't get the shots that I wanted. I forgot to turn down my ISO. I have yet to pull out a flash or strobe since this project started and I have been using high ISOs. I forgot to turn this one down. It was so bright out there I could have easily shot at ISO 100 with no problems. :-) Oh well. Next time.

Oh yeah, can you believe they would have to tell idiots to not swim in the murky, yucky, duck poop infested, pond water??????? Gross!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Right On Target!

Okay, my most favoriest place to shop is Target. I will pass twelve Wal-Marts and two Sam's to get to Target. lol lol Anyway, I was in there the other day and noticed the cool photo albums that they had. I'm not an album buying person. I usually buy the scrapbook type albums, but I noticed that these albums held 5x7 photos. I thought way cool! I have several photos that I had printed up in 5x7 for the kids. I have to create an album for each kid. I thought it would be neat for each kid to take their own album when they leave and go make their own families. My parents and my husband parents won't part with their photos. So we don't have photos here of ourselves when we were kids. So my goal for the next 18+ years is to document their lives and create albums for each kid and one for hubby and me. Some of the pics will be the same in each album, but for the most part it will be all about each kid. I thought that was pretty cool. Their next album will more than likely be a coffee table book. That way I can get way more in there than in this little album.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My little one wanted me to take a pic of him holding his fist up. He and his brother played fighting and were throwing each other around. It was so funny. They were putting so much into it, but were being careful not to hurt each other.

So this is the Little C's fighting face.
And this is Middle C's winner face.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Colors

We went to the park down the street today. It was cold, but with all of the running, rolling and tumbling, no one but me even noticed that it was kinda cool. Well, actually, it was cold. Once again, the day was dreary and dull looking, but I enjoyed the fact that the playground had such vivid colors. In spite of the stupid kid that thought it would be funny to draw boobs all over the place in spray paint, the colors were really nice to see on such a drab day. lol And no, I didn't take a picture of the boobs. Though, they looked as if he/she copied them from Pamela Anderson! lol lol

Monday, January 22, 2007

Fire Hazard

I just had to share this. We pulled my desk away from the wall because we're painting the wall and I saw my very own personal fire hazard. I had no idea there were that many cords behind there. Then there are more because some things I had to disconnect in order to get the desk back. Good Grief! Hubby and I had a major flash back. Remember the days when the monitor and hard drive were connected together and there was only one plug? Of course that computer probably weighed more than my 4 year old, but everything was in one package. Was the printer included as well? lol lol I guess if I want to get that again, I would need to get me one of those IComputers. Oh well...

Speaking of computers. I have to tell you that my m-i-l got fed up with her year old Gateway and ordered herself another one! Guess who gets her hand-me-downs! Yaaaay! My current cpu is probably 4-5 years old. I don't even remember when I got it, but her old one that she's giving me will whip this cpu! I can't wait. I'm supposed to pick it up tomorrow. Of course I have to figure out what is really wrong with the thing. She had so much junk on hers. Stuff that she downloaded from practically every website she ever visited. lol lol So I'll let you know tomorrow how it went.

Gotta go buy another plug outlet!!!!! TTFN!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Who Shall Be First

Who's going to be first to lash out at me because I skipped a day? Huh? Huh? Go ahead...I can take it. I'm bad. Yeah, I'm bad. You don't scare me one stinkin bit!

Memphis Photographers Strike Again

Okay, I'm a day late posting this, but you must understand, that I was sooooooo tired after a very very very long day. :-) Anyway a few of us Memphis Photographers got together on Saturday and had a lighting and posing class. The ten of us were divided into three groups and each group had to pose the entire group in three different situations. Small studio, busy background and on a stair case. With all three situations we had to set up our lights so that it would make the group look its best. It was so much fun. It is so nice to know photographers that will share and help you along with your photographic journey.

I only got a few shots of some of us that were there. We have a group shot I'll have to post as soon as I get it. I must say, it was so funny watching every chimp the heck out of their cameras. lol

There was this one guy that we couldn't understand. He had this camera that none of us had seen before. We simply all decided that it was a toy camera that he probably got from Wal-Mart! hahahahaha

Later that afternoon we got tired of taking photos of each other so we go some cute little skinny girls to model for us. Too bad we couldn't have Jaxy there for our subject! hahahaha You'll have to read my other blog to see them. It was pretty cool working with them.

Friday, January 19, 2007

If I Ever Get Locked Up

I decided that if I ever get locked up, I want to get locked up in Costco! I freakin love this place.
We had to take a trip tonight to get some "necessities." We ended up with a rug for the bathroom (that ended up too long, btw), two pillows, some spinach dip, chips to go with the spinach dip, toilet paper and a video for the kids.
The kids go wild every time we visit there. It's cool. I let them run free. I even locked them (daddy too) up in the storage unit they had on display and then I walked away. The girly screams were so funny. Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of that. I just know that my two year old said some things I have never heard him say before! hahahaha

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Posting even faster.......

Okay, here is mine for today. Are you a junkie and can't live without your internet? Well, I never thought that I was until it went out yesterday. The first day was fine. The OCD kicked in. I kept feeling things crawling on me. I was seeing shadows. Things seemed like they were warping around me. Gasp...gasp...I had to pick up a book and read it. I enjoyed it, but it took some getting used to the fact that I didn't have to scroll down in order to get to the next page. lol lol Anyway, my service was finally restored. I have never been so happy to see those little green lights. We're a happy family again. The kiddies have their Disney, DD has her, DH can download his receipes and I have you guys again! Wooo hooo! Now we're back to our own parts of the house and ignoring each other! hahahahaha J/K

Posting Fast.........

Okay, Blogger has been down and I was afraid that it would go down again before I got to post. I was without internet and telephone service yesterday (no it was NOT because I didn't pay my bill) so I didn't get to post. So here is mine for January 17, 2006.

DD made apple muffins (I bet you're beginning to think I'm the only one that can't cook in my household. lol lol) Anyway, I had it all set up, but the boys kept begging for their share of the muffins. Ahhh, what the hay. I gave in and made them take them slowly so I could get pics. lol I think they did a good job.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Reverse Lens-Ditto

Okay, Jaxy challenged me and I think I succeeded. I did the “poor man’s” macro photo shots and really liked how they turned out. It was sooo much fun. I could have done that all day. But I was totally stressing over the fact that debris may get on my sensor. Lol

Anyway, here are two that I did. They are sesame seeds with dried parsley. Clinton is so going to kill me for messing with his spices!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Woo Hooo!

And it's officially day one! It's been day one for use CST people for about 38 minutes now! So here is my first post. I really don't know what they are. I just know that my kiddos stole them from Grandma's house. I think they belong to a toy robot over there. I found these in their little pockets. Yes, I'm making them give them back. :-P

Bring it on, everybody!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,.....

Time is almost up. In about another 56 minutes, there will be no more practicing allow. It's now the real deal! What's gonna be your first? Are you going to be nervous? I want you all to know that I'll be checking each and everyone of you every day for the next 30 days! I may leave a comment so you know I was there, I may not leave a comment so you'll have to guess as to whether or not I was there. brohahaha

Make sure you play fair. No changing the date on your camera. No changing the post date on your blog. No photos showing how much you're hating me right now! lol lol I'm wishing you the best and hoping that you all will be strong! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're off!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Are you Ready!

Are you ready yet? Are you ready yet? Are you ready yet?

Only 2 more days! Well, actually one day and a couple of hours. lol Wonder who will be the first to post? I bet Jaxy will try it. Will she do it? Will she have a post worthy photo? She says that she'll post anything, but I know better. She's a photographer and she isn't going to have crappy pictures floating out there on the www with her name on them. hahahaha Hmmmmm....maybe it will be Ann? I'll have to check her exif data on her photos everyday to make sure she's not cheating. hahahahahahaaha

Well, I'm going to browse around everyone else's blogs and see what they're up to. See ya tomorrow!

Friday, January 12, 2007

3 More Daaaaaays

Well, it's three more days until the challenge beings. It's going to be fun to see my LDPTers images everyday. Especially ones that don't normally post photos everyday or ever, like me! :-)

Anyway, I also just wanted to apologize since it was brought to my attention that I may be taking this challenge a little too seriously. I beg to differ, but you know on this whole www thing it's hard to understand ppl sometime and you may come off different than what you were attempting. Anyone who knows me or actually talks to me knows that I'm one big goofball! lol So I'm going to take it down a thousand and go back to my little spot that I always sit in and drink my sweet tea and go back to being the one that observes whats going on around. My spot should still be warm as I didn't leave it for very long. lol

See you on Monday!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

4 Days-N-Counting

There's only four more days for my fellow LDPTers to get themselves together and ready for this challenge. I'm pretty sure most of you will drop out like little flies! I will be the last one standing. Yep, standing and taking photos. Yaaaaay Me! brohahahahaha