Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cat Calls

Okay, Jaxy made me feel totally guilty about not taking the time to post my photos for yesterday. I in turned made her feel guilty about not noticing that I made wonderful comments about her new website! So we're even. But yet, I still have no friends!!! hahahahaha

Anyway, I've never mentioned it (because I don't like it), but we have a cat. A white cat at that! (ooo that rhymed..heehee) Anyway, hubby went to Autozone one day a few months back to buy a part for his truck. He came back with two items, the part and the kitten. I agreed to keeping it, but only if it lived in the garage (an enclosed garage, not an open Well, they've been sneaking it in the house and letting him in and trying not to let me know it. I knew something was up because I keep finding white hair in my brush and I KNOW I don't have that many grey hairs!!!!! lol lol Anyway, this is our Tiger. DD also thought that since I know about him being inside the house and she brushing him with my hair brush, that it would be okay to paint her face up like a cat. lol lol


deeya said...

hahaha... You made me laugh out loud for real... so what did you tell DD?? :)

Your kitty looks like a sweet kitty... I think it should move in the house. :)

Love the crop on your daughter's picture. it's perfect!