Monday, February 12, 2007


Okay, here is the continuation of my photos a day....

Another day of learning. Today it was color patterns. The Middle Man was upset because he wanted the pattern to be purple and yellow. Not brown and yellow! lol lol But he has to learn to follow instructions.

Got a new monitor today! Yaaaaay! Now I need to get one of those ladybug spider thingys to calibrate my monitor! It's a lot different from the CRT that I had. If you guys notice that my pics are looking weird, let me know. They were all processed after I got the monitor.

Ran out of time for another pic, so I took it of my power button on my monitor! lol Used the reverse lens to get this shot. Not as sharp as I wanted, but I still thought it was cool!

Went to Barnes & Nobles and played with Thomas the Tank Engine. Kids could have stayed there all day. It was also a slick way to pass out my card to the other mommies that were there. :-)

Close up of Thomas and the Little Man.

Why must someone/thing ALWAYS have to get hurt. It's almost as if they can't have fun unless someone has the potential to get hurt! lol lol Poor piggie.

And finally, DD and her homeschool friend at the library checking out books to help them to draw characters for their new computer video game that they're trying to create. I'll have to share it when it's out in Beta! lol

Okay, so that's all folks! I think I may have skipped a day somewhere. I couldn't figure it out. Anyway, until this evening.......

Back On Track

Okay, I'm back on that there's only three days left. lol lol

Anyway, I've been gone for waaaay too long. Lots and lots of unwanted drama going on over this way, but things have calmed down to the point that I can get on with my own life now. :-) Thank you everybody for your kind comments. And to think Jax said I had no friends. lol lol lol

Anyway, while I was away, I did take photos. Not like I wanted to, but I did take some. So I'm going to just upload them all on this post. Otherwise, I'll be forever trying to make different posts for the week and half that I was MIA! lol feels so good to say "LOL" again! lol

Here ya go!

This was all 1 inch of snow that we got Friday before last. The kids had a blast! I took my camera out there, but it was cold!!! I came back in and left the freezing temps to the kiddos! lol

That Saturday, hubby made me eggs. I like eggs when he cooks them. I don't like them when I cook them. I'm sure it's purely physiological! lol

I'm going to title the next few "The many faces of a haircut!" These were taken that Sunday. My little one is such a goof ball!

Okay, I'll stop here and start a new post. But just wanted you to see that I have been taking photos. lollol

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My Apologies

Some of you have noticed, some of you haven't, but I've been missing for a couple of days from here, the forum, the Internet, everything. So sorry, but there have been some major things going on in my family. Well, not MY family, but my husband's family that has caused us to have several sleepless nights. I really don't want to go into details about it, but I do want to let you guys know that if you have young children, young teens, keep a loving eye on them. Monitor their Internet use. The Internet can be a good place, but yet, it can open their minds to things you would NEVER want your child exposed to or better yet, act out in real life. Hopefully, a few years of daily therapy will help everyone get over this episode of stupidity! :-)

Anyway, I'm back on track now and will have my pics up. I did take pics for the days I was gone. I'll get them all up today once I get hubby off to work and the kid's schooling done. TTFN

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Yucky Fast Food!

I hate going to fast food joints. My kids were starving and I still had a bunch of stuff to do (including working on Jax's Page! lol lol). I refuse to go to McDonald's and I didn't have the patience to go to a restaurant that would make us wait for the food. So I went into one of the yucky places. I swear I get sick every time I eat at these places. Even when I just get a salad. There was no Chick-fil-A near by. Sigh.... Anyway, I did enjoy the Slurpee. lol

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Oh yeah, I forgot that I got tagged. I have to name six weird things about myself then tag six people and they have to do the same. So here we go...are you ready....

6. I love sweet tea, but I secretly drink it with no sugar or sugar substitutes & I love it that way. I have to secretly do it because I live in the South and it's kind of against the rules. lol

5. I'm always terrified that when I mail a client's package, the mail carrier won't deliver it because there isn't enough postage and request the recipient to pay for the remainder amount.

4. I absolutely love peanut butter and syrup sandwiches! mmmmmmm

3. I hate it when my boys rub my ear lobe for comfort. I rub my ear lobe for comfort. lol

2. A wet bathroom sink makes me nauseated.

1. My toothbrush CANNOT touch anyone else's!!!

Now I tag...Jaxy! Yep! un huh!, Margie, Deeya, Beth V, Ann, and Jaxy's Mum! Woo hooo! Have fun!

I Spy

Okay, you've already read how Jaxy made me feel guilty. So I made sure that I went ahead and made my daily post for today. This photo is officially for today's post. Now that I know that he's been creeping into my house he's been hanging in here on a regular basis. I felt bad because it's really cold in the garage. Anyway, I thought this was cute. He's still afraid of me and tries to stay out of the way.

Cat Calls

Okay, Jaxy made me feel totally guilty about not taking the time to post my photos for yesterday. I in turned made her feel guilty about not noticing that I made wonderful comments about her new website! So we're even. But yet, I still have no friends!!! hahahahaha

Anyway, I've never mentioned it (because I don't like it), but we have a cat. A white cat at that! (ooo that rhymed..heehee) Anyway, hubby went to Autozone one day a few months back to buy a part for his truck. He came back with two items, the part and the kitten. I agreed to keeping it, but only if it lived in the garage (an enclosed garage, not an open Well, they've been sneaking it in the house and letting him in and trying not to let me know it. I knew something was up because I keep finding white hair in my brush and I KNOW I don't have that many grey hairs!!!!! lol lol Anyway, this is our Tiger. DD also thought that since I know about him being inside the house and she brushing him with my hair brush, that it would be okay to paint her face up like a cat. lol lol