Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Spy

Okay, you've already read how Jaxy made me feel guilty. So I made sure that I went ahead and made my daily post for today. This photo is officially for today's post. Now that I know that he's been creeping into my house he's been hanging in here on a regular basis. I felt bad because it's really cold in the garage. Anyway, I thought this was cute. He's still afraid of me and tries to stay out of the way.


deeya said...

He's not afraid of you.. he's been told "Don't let mom see you cuz she'll make you go back to the garage." Cat is smart... knows to keep a low profile... :) I love the pix.. Great shot!

Images By Jax said...

I know how he feels. If I came to stay with you, I'd be peeping and be afraid to come in too! LOL
There I go again....... spreading more hate.......LOL!
Give the cat some milk...... he'll like you for that.

aboutimage said...


Love the images below as well.