Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Oh yeah, I forgot that I got tagged. I have to name six weird things about myself then tag six people and they have to do the same. So here we go...are you ready....

6. I love sweet tea, but I secretly drink it with no sugar or sugar substitutes & I love it that way. I have to secretly do it because I live in the South and it's kind of against the rules. lol

5. I'm always terrified that when I mail a client's package, the mail carrier won't deliver it because there isn't enough postage and request the recipient to pay for the remainder amount.

4. I absolutely love peanut butter and syrup sandwiches! mmmmmmm

3. I hate it when my boys rub my ear lobe for comfort. I rub my ear lobe for comfort. lol

2. A wet bathroom sink makes me nauseated.

1. My toothbrush CANNOT touch anyone else's!!!

Now I tag...Jaxy! Yep! un huh!, Margie, Deeya, Beth V, Ann, and Jaxy's Mum! Woo hooo! Have fun!